What is the Best Golf Ball to Use on a Golf Simulator?

  I wanted to test a series of balls which were relatively inexpensive and readily available in most golf retail stores and pro shops. I choose not to use the top of the line of golf balls, for this test, because all playable golf balls will break down eventually and most of the advantages of the high end golf balls have negligible affect on a simulator. In my option it is a waste of money to use a $4 golf ball on an indoor golf simulator, when you can use a $1 ball and get the same results.

The Test:

I ran an indoor golf league from my business; I used a different group of 6 balls for each week. The same players played 9 holes each week on the same golf simulator. I limited the variables for the study, by holding everything constant except for the golf balls. I had 8 players, each player using their own golf clubs. At the end of each week, I traded out the balls and replaced them with six new test balls. The six test balls were placed in a bin next to the simulator, and the players were only allowed to use the balls, I had provided.

The Results:

At the end of the test, which ran for four weeks; 8 players and 9 holes per week, the results are as follows:

Callaway HX Hot Plus

The Callaway ball held up great! There was a little wear and tear on the balls, mostly due to friction from using wedges and the grooves cutting the exterior of the ball. There was only one out of six balls which were used, that I wouldn't use again on another round.

Nike Power Distance Soft

The Nike held up pretty good, there was one ball which had a small crack in the shell. Three of the six balls showed a fair amount of friction cuts. I threw away three of the six balls used.

Noodle +

This ball held up great for the first few weeks...but then it fell apart. I had one ball completely break into two pieces. An additional two balls had cracks on the shell and were removed from the test before the fourth week. But for the price, I was surprised they lasted as long as they did.

Titleist NXT Extreme

Overall the ball held up very well, there was a little friction cuts on a few of the balls and only one small crack on one of the golf balls. I only threw away that one ball.

The Winner:

Based on the results of my small study I would recommend the Callaway and the Titleist balls. They both held up well and I was able to use the balls for many rounds after the study was complete. The price is right for both of the balls. If I had to declare a winner: Callaway takes the prize.

Honorable Mention:

Again for the price the Noodle was a good ball, you might just need to get good at picking up shards of golf ball off your floor.

The Loser:

The Nike Power Distance Soft really surprised me. I thought the soft ball would have held up better than it did. Yes the Callaway and Titleist are a few bucks more than the Nike, but it's worth it.

A big part of getting better at golf is realizing how bad you really are. Reaching the first level of golf awareness requires that you realize you are probably not the best observer of your own swing.

First of all you're not sure what to look for. Second, you're not in much of a position to look for it. And third, it is very difficult to be objective about your own swing. You know what you want your swing to look like. You have some idea of what you're feeling as you swing. But these things tend to cloud your judgment and alter your perceptions.

So you ask a golfing buddy to watch you take a few cuts at the ball. Unfortunately he's not really all that interested, and he knows even less about the golf swing than you do. Chances are he himself has not even reached the first level of golf awareness.

Until a person reaches the first level of golf awareness he really has no idea what to look for. You can tell by his comments that he's got some pet theories that are like a lens he is looking through as he watches your swing: "You're lifting your head" or "You're not keeping your arm straight" or "You're not shifting your weight properly" or "You're not finishing your swing." These are just cliches - the same cliches you've heard a thousand times. Now you know why golfers say "Don't ask a fellow golfer for advice, and don't offer it either!"

The next logical step is to ask a golf instructor. This is probably what you should have done right at the beginning, but you had concerns https://maxwellperson.com/ . Like many golfers you were inhibited by your own ignorance. You were afraid to ask questions because you weren't sure what questions to ask, and you didn't want to be bulldozed into making changes to your swing that you didn't understand.

There was also the trust factor. You've heard stories, and you know that putting yourself in the hands of a golf pro is a leap of faith. There are good ones and not so good ones, and you're afraid you may be given advice that will make you worse rather than better. You're afraid that once you're in the clutches of a golf pro with a big ego you'll be coerced into a complete swing makeover that will screw up the little bit of progress you've achieved with your precious golf swing.

Even if you are inhibited by the thought of consulting a golf instructor, you should be open to some of the techniques they use. And one of the techniques many instructors use to great advantage is videotape. Whether it is done by an instructor or not, videotaping your swing can show you what you really look like. And that has to be a good thing.

Unfortunately not all videos are created equal. First, to be helpful a video must be of high enough quality that it can be slowed down and looked at frame by frame. Watching a blurry video image is next to useless for analyzing your swing.

Second it should be taken from at least two different angles so you can get the information about your swing that is going to be helpful. You want to know things like your stance at setup, how your weight is distributed throughout your swing, how much your head moves as you swing, and so on. So you need a head-on view with the camera facing directly at you, perpendicular to your intended line of flight.

But even more important you want to know how you are taking the club back on your back swing, where the club is located at the top of your swing, and its path coming down and through the ball. Video can show all of these things when it is set up correctly. To see these things you'll need a view from behind, looking down the intended line of flight.

Unfortunately video has its limitations. The most important part of your swing is the split second before, during and after the point where your club strikes the ball. What happens in this "impact zone" is the "moment of truth" in every golfer's swing. But unfortunately, unless it is of extremely high quality, videotape is not going to tell you much about what happens in the impact zone. Things just happen too quickly and normal videotape is simply not able to record the subtle movements and angles you need in order to make an objective evaluation.

One of the best tools for capturing this information is a golf simulator. A golf simulator is both a type of video game and a swing analyzer. You may have seen one at a major golf equipment store, or at one of those indoor golf facilities where you pretend to play a game of golf on a course like Pebble Beach or St. Andrews.

While it is certainly interesting and enjoyable to play these "virtual" courses, from the swing improvement point of view the real value of a golf simulator is that it tells you how your swing is working through the impact zone. You strike a real ball with real clubs off a special mat with embedded sensors that are able to tell you several important things it is almost impossible to know any other way.

These sensors pick up things such as club head speed, swing path angle as it approaches the ball, and club face angle at the point of impact. These are three of the most important factors that determine how far and in what direction the ball will fly when it is struck by the club. Once you know these things about your swing through the impact zone, you can start to make changes to your swing that will result in real improvement.

If you are serious about improving your golf swing there is little doubt that analyzing your swing is the best place to start. And there is no more effective way to get an accurate and helpful analysis of your point of impact than with a golf simulator.

The Convenience of Ordering Flowers Online

Nowadays, we have been living a busy lifestyle that we have no time to do other things aside from work. Because of that, the internet has been continuously providing us with convenience. A lot of stores online have been providing easy access and convenience for those who are too busy to shop at malls and department stores. With the popularity of ordering and shopping online, it is now possible to order flowers quickly and have them delivered immediately.

Sending gifts to your aunt, grandmother, daughter, or special friend is now simple and very convenient through the help of these websites offering Canada flowers delivery. You can order a beautiful flower package and have it delivered from across the country. These beautiful packages will surely brighten up someone's day.

One of the main reasons why ordering flowers online has become a popular trend, is because of the convenience that it can provide to the people. This is just similar to online shopping wherein you get to shop for the things that you wanted and have it delivered right to your doorstep. No matter what occasion it is, whether it is Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or birthday, ordering these flower gifts from a Canada florist and have it delivered right to the recipient's doorstep is quite simple and convenient.

Ordering flowers online is much simpler than finding an appropriate gift for that important person. Aside from that, going from one store to another just to find the perfect gift can be time consuming especially for a person who doesn't have a lot of time. Vancouver Canada flowers are perfect gifts for any occasion and these will definitely brighten up someone's day.

Flowers, particularly roses, are perfect for any occasion. Women would love to receive roses especially during a special occasion. This is because women feel special and important when they are receiving flowers.

In general, there are a lot of different flower packages that you can give, depending on the occasion. These flowers are beautiful and colorful. There are a lot of different designs to choose from. These designs are different for any occasion. You can consult a Canada florist to give you an idea about the various designs suited for every occasion. Aside from that, you can also try checking out various websites with flower designs to give you an idea which one you like to give.

A Canada florist would not only provide you the convenience of ordering flowers online, but you can also enjoy sending flowers to the recipient without taking much of your time. These packaged flowers will be sent to the person whom you want to receive the flowers. You can choose various designs with different flowers to choose from. From exotic to traditional flowers, you'd be able to choose any type.

You can also choose from themed flowers that are usually used for parties, or you can also choose those simple ones that are beautifully arranged in nicely crafted baskets. These are all crafted by florists and will be readily delivered anytime.

Flowers can be used to interpret many different feelings. It can be a symbol of love, joy, sadness, grief, happiness and many more. Every moment can be specially cherished with the help of flowers. These gifts of nature have become an imperative part of the people's lives and they have even regarded it as the essence of life.

For the residents of Canada, Toronto flowers give beauty to the atmosphere with the fresh fragrance and chic appearance of the flowers. People would use these flowers as tools for expressing unsaid feelings and emotions especially to someone special.

In every occasion, floral measures of different types can be observed. Aside from that, flowers can also serve as the best and most loved gift. Actually, there is no need for a special occasion just to send arrangements since it can be done at any given day but if it is given during a particular occasion, it will make the day more special. Birthday, anniversary, wedding and other special occasions can be made more special with the language of flowers. It can also be used as a perfect gift to boost the feelings of an expecting mother, particularly during a baby shower.

Plentiful Vancouver flowers would be wonderful for baby showers. For a family, the expected arrival of a new baby is considered as a special event because it is the time that is mostly waited by the parents, relatives, friends, and relatives. Usually, people who are expecting for the arrival of the new family member is filled with excitement and overwhelming gladness.

The attractive Calgary flowers for kid showers are often sent on this particular event wherein the guests will meet the expecting mother, greet her and cheer her up as she is now carrying a new life in her tummy. Flowers are the best way to encourage the expecting mother.

One of the best flowers would be roses because its fragrance is soothe and relaxing. The baby shower helps to persuade the https://celsiaflorist.com/ , mother and she is really delighted. Usually, mothers would feel tension upon knowing that they are pregnant. Through a baby shower, those who care for the mother would give her a feeling of importance and provide her with relaxation to ease the tension.

If you know someone who is expecting a baby and you won't be able to attend the baby shower, you might want to order for Montreal flowers online and have it delivered on the day of the baby shower along with your message. So many online flower stores are available to delivers the attractive and colorful flowers on the occasion of baby shower. You can even add up a message along with the flowers to say your best wishes and to explain for your absence during the shower party. Make sure that you search for a reliable website that offers high quality services in terms of flower delivery.


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